Posted: January 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

Hello hello!!! welcome peeps… haha… ok i decided to restart my blog.. and apparently… i like wordpress more then blogger.. cause its easier to use… haha oh well now u guys can leave comments! haha

hmmm… just nice blog blog a little.. haha… i finshed my application le la.. haha.. my results are ok… can say good AND i did not run off after taking my results… those who saw me take a slip of paper from miss ku, grab my bag and rush out of the hall… i was just rushing off to pay my school fees… haha… so oh well.. for those interested to know my results… here are they!!!

English- B3
Combined humanities- B4
Mathematics- B3
Biology- C6
Science (phy/chem)- A2
Food and nutrition- A1
Chinese- A1
Chinese oral- Dist

then then… L1R5=14, L1R4=10

then let u see what are my choices~~ I am going to poly anyway!! =)
1. TP psychology studies
2.Ngee Ann Psychology and community services
3.Ngee Ann Early childhood
4.TP Biotechnology
5.TP Veterinary technology
6.TP Baking and culinary
7.TP Applied food science&nutrition
8.TP Culinary and catering
9.TP Hospitality and tourism management
10.TP Aviation management
11.TP Law and management
12.TP Biomedical Science

phew… haha.. the last few are interesting courses.. haha… really hope to get in TP Psychology studies!!!! =P
oh well, thats all!!!
BYE BYE!!!!! See Ya Soon!!!

  1. leekeat says:

    you choose very fast leh!
    im going mjc i guess.

    do you think i should go mjc or nanyang jc?
    its giving me a big headache!


  2. whoknowswhere says:

    haha.. actually which jc do u like more
    and and.. if its me i will choose the one nearer to my house…
    but hor.. if u choose the one near u then u dont like hor not very good leh..
    so hor, just choose the one u like la…

  3. rystinetan says:

    i know your prev url alr! hahahaha im like super wols laaaa

  4. whoknowswhere says:

    lol… haha

  5. leekeat says:

    i chose nyjc in the end!


  6. whoknowswhere says:

    yup yup… i know.. haha… glad u made a choice u like =)

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