Posted: February 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

Tmr is the day we receive our posting results, i have no idea why but i got a little feeling of dread.. haha.. not because of going to sch.. i loved that idea! haha… cause i dont have to rot at home anymore… but hor, there might be a chance where ppl i dont like might get into the same course, for example some of my pri sch friends… haha.. haiz… but lets just say that hopefully i dont have to face with what i went through in pri sch again…

Currently i am using a new laptop.. haha.. sis just bought one… $888.. haha quite cheap la… then now my typing like got a little bit not use to it… cause used to using my dad’s com… haha… oh well.. me wanna go watch youtube le.. The mischievous princess… =) Tata… will blog again soon… maybe tmr… lol… =)


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