Posted: February 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

Well got my posting results… got in ngee ann early childhood… not say bad la… but i wanted tp psy sooo much… but now.. the cut off point become 9 points.. wanna appeal for that also cannot.. so in the end go appeal ngee ann’s psy… haiz haiz… but is confirm go ngee ann one la… so far!!!! hahaaha… at least got ppl go same as me… jia hui.. wish me luck for appeal!

  1. leekeat says:

    dont be so sad!
    EARLY CHILDHOOD was my DREAM okay…
    got attachments with the kids too if im not wrong.
    SO GOOD…

    too bad i still insist on going university first.
    if not i would have been there with you.

    take care girl!

  2. leekeat says:

    all the best in your appeal!

  3. whoknowswhere says:

    hahaha… ya lor.. cannot help it… cause SOMEONE wanna go JC cannot even change her mind.. right ellekay? haha.. thanks!! =)

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