Posted: February 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

Time check: 2:19

I GOT IN!!! hahahahhaha My appeal is SUCCESSFUL!!!! I GOT INTO NGEE ANN POLY

Your JAE Appeal result is: N77 Psychology & Community Services

YEAH BABY!!!! WoHOO~~~!!!! =D

  1. Zhi Wei says:

    hello hello!

    Grats about your appeal!! But then we not same school liao…T.T
    Must keep in touch horh!!

    See ya around!

  2. leekeat says:



  3. whoknowswhere says:

    THAANKKK YOU~~!!!! HAHAHA… dont worry zhi wei… we will keep iin touch.. =)

  4. rAcHeListic~ says:

    this is rachel,
    you remember me i hope. haha

    congrats on your going into ngee ann poly!
    i have a friend doing the exact same course as you!
    though she’s in year 2 now.

    mind if i link you in my blog? =3

  5. whoknowswhere says:

    For ur info rachel whoknowswhere is me! yisiew… hahaha… and of course i didnt forget who u are… haha… u can link me at ur blog.. hahaha… and THANKS!! =)

  6. rystine says:

    congrats dear! (:

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