Posted: March 31, 2008 in Uncategorized

Tau huey is frm kappa tau! haha Got back frm np FOC but still like in the mood… kinda missing the camping time with FOC, kappa tau and most of all tau huey.. its like i started missing it once i left the place..

FOC was damn fun.. and we having gathering on 7 april… think i will turn up! =)

4 days 3 nights..hmm.. long ya haha let me elaborate

First day:
Still not very warmed up yet.. all freshies ma.. cannot help it.. but then the performance at the convention center… i tell u.. AWESOME! i love it baby! haha.. then after all the screaming and shouting.. go back put stuff and all then ice breakers… haha… so fun lor! although kinda impossible for me to remember everyone’s name la… haha.. then here comes the best… RESPECT THE NIGHT! although its fake but still the ppl there faked it damn well la.. haha.. everone so scared.. then tell us all the various ghost story.. and kinda all bout that few blocks we going for night walk.. they clever sia.. haha then what? oh ya.. watch juno… haha.. not the whole la… then after that hor got the bathing and stuff.. then bring us back to the LT again… then wait for our turn to go night walk… actually dunno one.. until we saw the lightsticks… haha.. the guy with me.. he is soooo good… keep asking me dont scared… haha… we held hands almost throughout the whole thing la.. i scared of dark ma… haha.. he really is like damn good.. super good… at least he make me not that scared.. haha..

second day:
Here comes the good stuff! today is the day we play, scream shout and win alllll the marbles we wan! tau huey is the best! second day nothing to elaborate la.. cause its all shouting and screaming.. but we did win A LOT of marbles.. cannot help it.. we tooooo good le… haha oh ya.. and we started on mass dance.. damn cool… but still like cannot get the hang of it

this time REALLY no voice haha.. then after that we had crazy dancing… then go back to sleeping area… no lights out.. haha.. so fun.. i didnt sleep..but for those who slept will kena stuff like paint, whipped cream, colgate, donut and stuff haha… very funny..

Forth day:
very sad.. cause like leaving le… last day… hug and thanks haha

i shall type up all the cheers another day hahaha

  1. leekeat says:

    the camp sounded fun~!!!

  2. yisiew says:


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