We are gathering again!!!

Posted: April 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

WE means 4e6’07.. haha.. ok la. maybe only half of them la.. haha.. today I went back to hai sing after sch in np.. was suppose to turn up for trial ice skating anyway.. but oh well.. that got make up again next week but speech day dont have..haha.. then went back see them march march lor.. haha.. then sat down at the back to cheer for ppl.. they take so many prizes.. ahha.. ITS SOOO FUN meeting up with my class ppl again.. haha.. we wanted to find mrs chan.. but cannot find.. so in the end we just go went off for dinner lor.. haha.. then at first go macs but no space.. like got the 8 of us la.. so in the end.. listen to jia hui so kfc… kope other ppl’s table so that we got enough space.. WE DID ASK! XD didnt regret missing ice skating though… haha… but then like a little guilty cause never turn up… like very bad like that.. haha… too bad… gotta cherish my time with them man… everyone is sooo busy.. haha..

we planning to have another gathering for e6 lor.. haha.. cause its like sooo fun to talk back about last time haha… then then after we finish talk we walked home… hahaha… i WALKED from white sands home… haha.. last part was scary cause was walking alone…. then was sweating buckets cause it was sooooo hot.. but now so cool in air con room hahaha….

MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING SOON!! hahaha… oh well… really wish to gather with them r, j, eh and al… but like so busy la.. haha… ok.. me logging off le.. cause i wanna sleep

*random: woke up at 5 to go to sch today k! haha

  1. zhiwei says:

    Next time gathering must must must tell me ok?
    I miss 4e6 ’07!

  2. yisiew says:

    hahaha.. sure sure will tell u! =) we planning to gather soon la… that time will inform the class.. =)

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