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hehehehhehehehe.. i got chosen to join the YEP team!!! so happy.. i thought i will flunk my interview lor.. haha.. cause, i laugh too much.. literally go in laugh laugh, throughout interview laugh laugh.. even exit that time also laugh laugh… hehe.. i shall also change my bad habit of saying stuff like that.. haha..

OH YA!!! ATTENTION READERS!!! HAHA… I CUT MY HAIR!!! YES!!! i cut my hair short.. and then highlight blonde once again… =) shall upload my picture!! =)

Short hair again!! =)

For fun: i am in school atrium now.. just finished my bacon and cheese sandwich and teh cino YUM YUM! =D

ok.. shalll go do work… or else i can never complete my work man! =p

Random thingy at this moment: I feel like baking chocolate chip cookies!!! =)


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MUHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! I AM FINALLY BACK!!!! Cause i finally felt like blogging.. actually i am now still in school supporting NPforMyanmar!!! YEAH!!!! NP is helping the Myanmar victims… =) donation drive, should be counted as quite successful la.. cause its like well, many people donated. Oh ya! I will try, i say TRY to use standard Singapore English, or else i am so gonna suck at essay writing man! hahahhahahahah

Schools… FUN! currently passing my time cause i got cca in the evening… ICE SKATING!!! sooooo FUN!!!!! hahahhaha i ammm so going crazy…

Something hit me recently… What exactly is happening to mother earth man… what is happening to the world… there are like sooo many things happening… myanmar, china.. then there are bombings… its like isnt natural disaster enough? why people want to contribute more??? PLUS PLUS PLUS, u know the people around are like suffering and dying.. like in china… they uncover pits filled with children who are dead.. its like devastating.. and there am i enjoying myself in my air con room… with food in my belly and all.. HAIZ….

ANyway.. gotta go update my other blog.. WHICH IS and WILL BE PRIVATE!!! =) cause its for school! =) yeah.. my school assignment is to… BLOG! =) fun right? =) alrighty! i will TRY VERY HARD to update ocassionally… =)


Random: R.S.V.P is french!! yeah FRENCH!!