Posted: June 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

I think i already got a few blog titles with sianzz… already.. haha.. but cannot help it.. really sian.. haha.. i am suppose to be starting on my work la.. holiday le.. then go LOTS of assignment and projects to do.. really sian leh.. haiz.. somebody help me!!! hahaha.. and and somemore yesterday i went play basket ball.. ( yeah those kind of bounce bounce ball basketball.. haha ) then now muscle ache.. cannot la.. too long never excercise (wrong spelling?) le haha.. must go jian fei before kor kor comes back from vietnam.. hhahaha…

somemore now np student portal not functioning le.. hehe.. i am like lazy lor.. haha.. i need to buck up buck up!!! =)

anyway i thinking of getting the LG ku990 phone.. haha.. like quite cool.. and i like the camera!!! =) i wan i wan

Random: i so feel like going sing k, play pool and ice skating!!! hahaha.. yesterday cause too tired after playing bball never go.. hopefully yesterday dont have the official meeting.. hehe.


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