Posted: June 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

I GOT A NEW PHONE!!! =) sis finally bought me my birthday present! =) she sharing with bro anyway hehe… i got the viewty.. erm, aka LG Ku990… its SO fun! haha.. touch ma.. can write write and all.. =) so very happy now.. =)

Wa seh.. now in holiday mood.. then got A LOT OF work to do… gotta get out of the house to study leh.. or else if i at home i will slack one… later at night gotta do stuff le.. okok!! 我要加油加油!=)

Yeah! hahaha.. anyway if anyone manage to read this post before tmr ends which is the 17 june… sms me k? =) go study together! =) erm.. i do my work… hahahha.. okok.. shall blog next time! hopefully got something to talk about yeah!

Random: I NEED TO FIND TIME TO DO CHEESE CAKE!!!! why cant we have 48 h during the holiday?

  1. madeline says:

    yisiew! oh my. we’ve th same phone! (:

  2. yisiew says:

    ARE U SERIOUS!!! oh my!!! haha.. how come u change ur phone also? hahaa…

  3. madeline says:

    oh cause starhub’s student line is attractive! hahahaha (:

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