Posted: July 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

I totally have no idea what is happening to me this few days.. but it is confirm not PMS hehe… i am like weird la… or.. kinda stressed, VERY stressed~! haiz…. now doing work… as usual procrastinate and blog… haha.. weird right blogging has become something i will think about when i feel like de-stressing.. haha.. yeah.. and i have like A LOT of LMS blogs to type.. haiz.. how am i suppose to finish them??? i think i gonna crap all the way la…

I am like so scared that i am gonna fail introcomm..='( haiz…. its like i failed my test! i am like the ONLY ONE i guess.. hehe.. haiz.. not the only one then maybe the lowest!!! HAIZ!!! depressed depressed… HOW!!!

haiz… gotta go back and do my issues la! just thinking… why can’t some ppl understand what i talking about? why cant some ppl understand my difficulty? haiz… some ppl… haiz…

bubble tea: $1.80
Skating on Fridays: $8.60
Able to totally de-stress and relax: PRICELESS~!!

oh my… i am so waiting for my vacation to come!!! but then second year will be worse with a capital W.. WORSE!!! oh my oh my!!!

thinking of you… why dont u ever come online? Talk to me! haiz… i am so starting to dream again!!! =(


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