Posted: July 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

hahaha.. anyone reading is suppose to go ahh!!! haha.. anyway… I ENDED FRENCH!!! as in today is the last day of french cause like exam.. ya u know u know >.<

Hahaha… dunno why today wanna blog.. miracle!! haha..just kinda high.. over the weekends had been laughing so much that i had muscle ache.. haha… YEP bonding camp… dunno what’s YEP? scroll down and read la! hahahahahaha.. we reallllly bonded! haha.. real happy to see them again today.. its like really had A LOT of fun lor… haha.. we will continue to have fun like for long long time especially the 2 weeks in xishuangbanna… hehehe… omg! i am getting so excited!!! haha…

oh ya! kor kor coming back soon!!! yay!! hahaha he coming back on the first of aug.. but then hor.. i like got ice skating on that day leh… haha.. how? haiz.. see how first la! hahahahah

i shall go do work now!!! jia you me! =) gotta go sch EARLY tmr.. then shall go back sch take testimonial.. haha.. if office havent close.. haha.. oh welll!!! DO WORK!

au revoir


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