Posted: July 31, 2008 in Uncategorized

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ENDED ALL MY PRESENTATION!!!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!! but its this sem only la… but stilll… YAY!!! i am like whoosh! like all the load of baggage off my shoulders… but hor.. still got essay and exams to go… i am soooooo looking forward to the 15 August… hahahaha… CAUSE…. ITS THE END OF EXAMS!!! haha.. then i will officially be free… but well there is still the Yunna trip!!! ahhhh!!! hahahaha.. quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick!!!! hahahahahaha… i am soooooo happpy!!! hahahaha then i am like going crazy cause i am sooooo happy hahahah… then now the JC ppl chioning for promos… hahah.. but… i am soooo happppyyy!!! hahahah =) =D hahaha okok… calm down…

anyway.. i am so looking foward to tmr.. cause kor kor coming home!!! hehehehe =) 6 months seems long but then its like so short.. maybe time passes too fast for me.. thats why i think its like so fast.. hahahahah…


now like everyone busy then no one read here… when i never update then got ppl read.. when i bother to update then no one read… hahah aiya nvm… i am like very happy now.. so who cares? hahahhaha

then hor.. tmr got ice skating then kor kor come back… really feel like going eat with kor kor.. then wanna go ice skating too… haiz.. so what shall i do? haiz… but oh well.. hehehe… see how first hehe XD

tmr got LMS party! haha.. gotta buy snack… then so sad never do cookies.. hahaha…
BOO! hahaha.. ok la.. shall sign off here!!! =)

Bye~! shall edit as soon as i have something to say hahahaha =)

  1. fiona (: says:

    YESH! DO COOKIEESSSSS!!!!!!!! >.< but not the cookies tt u learn in ITABS ah! hahahs=p

  2. yisiew says:

    hahahaha…. yeah!!! chocolate chips cookies..

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