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ok… just now wordpress something wrong cannot post..hahahah… wa seh.. i really dont understand la… i am like no mood study and exams are like on friday! omg!!!!!!!! i am like so sianz now… haiz… just come up complain a while… haha.. shall go study… =( boooo hoooo hoooo! ok.. study…

JAM!!! ❤ ❤ =)

ahhhh! see i going mad again!! ahhhh!!! boo!

au revoir

萧敬藤!!! <3

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OMG!!! can u believe it? i went 萧敬藤 xiang chang hui! omg omg omg!! theres like so many ppl and it rained!!! omg!!! and then he sang!!! he is marvelous!!! omg!!!! ahhhhhhh!!!!

omg!!!! then go qian zuan ji!!! shake hands!!! OMG!!!! AHHHH omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg! he damn fair la! and and his hand are big!!! his eyes electrifying… and and his voice!!!! omg, marvelous!!! he is sooooooo good!!! he sing like OMG!

AHHHHHHHH OMG!!!! he shake hands with me!!! then i bei dian dao!!! omg!!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!

shall upload pics….but very sad got a little blur
he is supper duper shuai…
i wanna see him again!!!!!!!


*pardon me for my craziness… but i first time so crazy over some guy!!!! ahhhhhh!!!! he is not some guy, he is 萧敬藤 omgomgomgomgomgomg!!! i wanna see him again… hear him again, shake his hands again!!!! ahhhhhh

ahhhh!!!!!!! i still going crazy!!! hahaha WRONG!!! I AM ALREADY CRAZY!!!


Mood: =D

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OK… i pon ice skating today… haha… chose my kor kor over ice skate… of course right… haha… went eat sakae sushi kor kor’s treat, then after that eat bens and jerrys… haha now jie jie’s turn to treat… hahhahahaha all i do is eat!!! hehehe =D

I realised that i had been blogging quite a lot leh.. haha MIRACLE!!! hahahahahahaha dunno why, felt like it.. hahaha

ok… dunno what to say.. hahaha.. just wanna announce that i pon ice skating… hahahahha.. weird me.. quite random lor… hahahah

ok.. tata~!
au revoir