Posted: October 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

Wow… its a miracle that i am blogging… actually i just did nail art.. so trying to test if typing is still as per normal.. but oh well, i got some getting use to do! hehe =p it loo fine from far but then still got room for PLENTY of improvement! hahaha… i dont know why i am blogging though.. haha

school start one week le… gotta tell myself that i cant continue slacking anymore… gotta start working hard! i need a high gpa to get into the uni!!! ahhh… shall learn the art of relaxation

random: my aircon is really cold… shall turn it off hahaha..

anyways.. i got a new french teacher.. cute… haha.. but then the previous one more traditional french though.. i think.. well i am gonna enjoy my lessons and score…

hrms… tmr waking up early to finish up stuff… this is the consequence of lazing around and do nothing other that bake


oh ya~~!!! tmr i going eat bk!! although its just fast food but i very long never eat le.. and i going with my bro.. haha

random: damn.. my fingernail keep getting stuck in my keyboard…

anyway.. gotta see how long those nails will last… hopefully for long… i wanna grow my real nail.. hahahah…

ok.. i shalll go sleep.. i dont want to have nasty panda eyes.. hehe… although i have them like long long time ago.. hahah… oh well night night~!


au revoir

  1. SY says:

    If you see this, it’ll be ages long already? Haha! My blog is http://www.artisticweed16.blogspot.com

    Lots of entertainment and complaint stuff lah. Hehe.

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