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Posted: November 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

I totally have no idea whats going on now…i think there is like something wrong with the computer and me.. dunno why super down now… maybe stress is finally getting me.. i seriously is at a lost now.. not only my work i think my life too..

i dont wanna be that me anymore, i’m tired…

i have so many people around me yet i feel so alone…

oh gosh…

No more curls!!!

Posted: November 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

OK.. i think i am feeling a little better.. haha.. my first stressful period is over.. haha.. but but theres like more to come!!! arghhhh

oh! and regarding no more curls… haha.. yeah! my hair is straight again!!! hahahaha.. yeah la.. i straightened my hair.. haha.. =D

i was thinking bout something.. but i think i shall not be that bad to blog about ppl.. haha.. =p actually i lazy la.. hahaha

oh ya! in the end i didnt go for the french singing contest.. haha too stressful la! congrats liz!!!! =) although i dont think she will be reading this.. haha =)

oh ya! LK~! if u are reading this.. u wan go guides gathering on 27dec? =P

ok! tata~!

Curls currently hates life…

Posted: November 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

Yeah.. curls is me… i hate life now… cause, its so damn stressful..

Timecheck: 8:03

Thats the time on my com… and it is ticking away as i type this blog post… So why am i blogging so early in the morning? cause monday morning and i am in school with no breakfast in my tummy! hungry! hopefully got ppl arrive soon then can borrow money from them… Who ask me so careless.. drop my wallet on the bus? aiyoyo…

anyway.. i am like in sch now to do project la… sem 2 is sooo stressful.. theres like A LOT of projects due… haiz haiz…

oh ya… i’ve been wanting to tell ppl this.. haha.. i am like taking hip hop for my snw.. can u believe it??? hahaha quite cool la.. and guess whos my instructor? Justis from Soul… haha.. i tell u, his hairstyle is like the same… sarali and i thought that maybe he changed his hairstyle, cause he everytime wear cap when teaching.. but but.. apparently not.. cause his hair is like same same… damn funny. aha… and and, he pronouce my name as tissue.. so, i asked him to call me curls.. haha.. but damn weird la.. haha..

and and.. i joined this french singing competition.. kinda got scammed by my friend.. haha.. she said join together, i thought is sing duet.. but then.. no wor… its like solo~!! i must be crazy man… anyway cannot withdraw.. haiz haiz..

Time check: 8:10

I type quite fast mah.. haha.. tired la… now shall go do my powerpoint slides.. then maybe faster finish can slack a while before debate starts.. and hopefully someone i know comes to my rescue by lending me some money.. haha.. Curls is hungry!!!

shall do work…

au revoir