No more curls!!!

Posted: November 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

OK.. i think i am feeling a little better.. haha.. my first stressful period is over.. haha.. but but theres like more to come!!! arghhhh

oh! and regarding no more curls… haha.. yeah! my hair is straight again!!! hahahaha.. yeah la.. i straightened my hair.. haha.. =D

i was thinking bout something.. but i think i shall not be that bad to blog about ppl.. haha.. =p actually i lazy la.. hahaha

oh ya! in the end i didnt go for the french singing contest.. haha too stressful la! congrats liz!!!! =) although i dont think she will be reading this.. haha =)

oh ya! LK~! if u are reading this.. u wan go guides gathering on 27dec? =P

ok! tata~!


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