Posted: January 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

yeah.. i am in a very stone mood now.. waiting for ppl from cats reply me and i have cats tmr… i wonder if stuff ever can be done… i am like craving for sleep, eyes closing very soon. Slept for like 3hr plus only this morn.. haha.. now listening to Big girls dont cry… yeah big girls dont cry. I dont wan to be a big girl.. sometimes from all these stress dont u feel like its better to stay young and small.. school ends with a breeze and exam results all full marks cause everything is just too easy? Gosh.. i’m like suppose to do work and i’m here typing in my blog.. which is very much a miracle.. haha.. when do u see me blogging.

Anyway.. i”ve been wondering, if its so hard to get into a relationship. Why get one? Is love so easily said? What exactly is love. Does what we read on books really happen? And i’m super emo. what do u expect from a super stressed up kid? haha..

today saw jh with her bf. Hold hands and walk. got someone to talk to no matter what. Its like my group like they all have this significant someone. Me? haha… not even a best friend. Hmmm.. not yet. its always so many ppl yet so lonely, so tired but have to keep smiling. Can anyone be tired of smiling? i think i am.

i can type like 200 + words in such a short time.. hopefully my portfolio goes well like this too.. blank now. or rather dont feel like doing work at all. its always like that. and i think i starting to hate CATS. not the animal… its too cute to be hated…

i’m tired
very tired
i think i wan a bf
i am NOT despo
Just wanna experience…

I wanted to end but then i just realised something as i type the words above. i doubt any guys will see me as a normal girl. I am so not like a typical girl. I am like more buddy to my guy friends then girl. i think with me around there is hope for a completely platonic relationship between a male and female…

and i think i’ve got a crush on someone. someone terribly older then me. I HATE THIS FEELING!!! i’m in the process of denial. hopefully it works… just deleted a sentence full of words. and since ppl do read this.. i think.. i shall not say more…

thats all..
off to do work
and the super irritating person havent reply yet.. how i continue with work?


au revoir


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