My eyes!!!

Posted: February 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

OK.. .i think my contacts maybe can wear.. but i somehow or other cant focus… the stupid glasses ppl keep blaming that my eyes the degree keep changing.. how can that be? or maybe lor.. will be good and wear me contacts for a while.. but then tired la.. everything looks blur to me.. shall go home now.. anyway… i’m in sch now. hahaha.. crazy.. actually wanted to do behorg one.. but then go check email, read comic update, friendster, then facebook (ya! i finally got an account.. without my pic hahahaha) then now i’m blogging.. haha. but i did do some research on NKF.. shall decide if i going to take bus or train.. oh gosh.. i’m like semi blind now.. and ranting.. I’M GOING HOOOMMMMEEE!!!! =) see now i’m crazy.. haha.. how long have i not been crazy hahahahaha

au revoir! =)


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