From up.. to down

Posted: February 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Its all kai xin’s fault!!! wait.. should i blame justis too? for choosing the music.. haha or maybe myself, go and listen…hahaha… yeah.. kai xin reminded me of this song.. then i got stuck.. then got depressed.. anyway, it reminded me of last hip hop class.. =(


no way i can shake off this feeling…

there goes my super happy mood… =(

  1. LEEKEAT says:

    why were you so happy?

    and c’mon!
    cheer up.

  2. yisiew says:

    the happy part is secret, something for me to know and for anyone else to find out.. hahahaha… dont worry bout me! =)

    i’ll stay happy!! =)


  3. kaixin says:

    You’re happy because you FOUND A SONG? Bluff me la you!!! I went to find posts with my name. the ONLY post is on 10th FEB LOR!!! -.- ehhh. I’m REALLY suspicious of the OLDER person. HAHA. Not TEN years older can le right? HAHA.

  4. yisiew says:

    I’m not happy because i found a song.. haha.. what u think might be right! hahaha… haha.. and yeah i’m blamiing u for my low mood in this particular post!!! haha =)

  5. SY says:

    what thing older person? huh? huh? lol. must kpo.

  6. kaixin says:

    -.- “Iā€™m not happy because i found a song..” and “what u think might be right! ” a bit contradicting leh. So its not the song, but its the GUY HUH. HAHA. Wa lao. Let you hear the song also blame me. hahas… Must start listening to happier songs. HAHA. hmm. where than you can know older guys huh… Don’t tell me its our seniors HOR. That kind of super old guy. I THINK MY SIXTH SENSE DAMN ZUN ONE CAN!!! GOSH!! I can kinda picture the guy!!! AARARRRRGGHHH!!!

  7. yisiew says:

    !!!! hahaha.. u are right.. its the guy… hahaa… the song make me emo ma.. haha.. let see if ur sixth sense this time correct a not lor


  8. SY says:

    huh? what what? must kpo. haha!

  9. yisiew says:

    haha.. this is a SUPER long story.. and one i cant say on my blog.. so shall tell u when we go eat sushi together.. hahaha =p

  10. SY says:

    Sure~ You better zi dong tell me. I’m getting old liao. Memory goes off sometimes. Lol.

  11. janetdong says:

    dont mind me coming here right~ lol
    dont be depressed k:))
    jiayou for exam! mug! :))

  12. liqin says:

    eh yooo. šŸ˜€ haha. come to my blog and put so many smiley faces.. but good lah shows that youre happy. šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

    anyway. jiayou for exams okay!! and remain happy cos of the same reason ahh. dont be sad over a song lah. HAHAH.

    have you gotten tired of the song yet??

    SEE YOU! šŸ˜€

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