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Posted: March 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

I havent been blogging for so long.. haha.. all the time i’ve been blogging at class blog..

anyway.. i seem to be procrastinating hahah.. havent i’ve been doing that most of the time? hahaa.. its just that i seem to have lots of things i want to do but i dont seem to feel like doing it.. hahaha…

have been watching disney movies these 2 days.. its not that i have nothing else to watch leh.. is cause it seems that i didnt watch most of them before.. have u any idea that cinderella got 3 movies.. mulan got 2.. little mermaid got 2.. so on and so forth.. hahaha.. after watching all these it seems that love makes the world goes round.. haha.. with love, everything is possible, without love, it may still seem possible but it is not perfect anymore… hahaha…

and there’s, sometimes although u have duties but then it is more important to listen to ur heart to make decisions.. cause sometimes following ur heart is the best solution.. =).. from mulan! =)

ahhhh.. how i wish i am in a fairytale too… hahaha.. got happily ever after.. =)

off to dream somemore!
au revoir~



Posted: March 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

Yeah.. i’m desperate.. i need a job.. badly.. i just cant stand staying at home anymore.

I dont understand…

I’m giving up…

Au Revoir


Posted: March 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

Its OVER!!! Exams over!!! for now… hahaha… i’ll be positive.. =)

Anyway.. i FINALLY packed my room! haha quite proud of myself.. i packed 2 bags of rubbish.. haha.. will post the pics on.. anyway.. while packing.. i found my last time diary and a lot of cards and letters.. time passes really quick man!! haha and i realised how childish i am last time.. HAHA! and i think i quite negative leh! cause my diary inside.. almost all my entries are about me sad.. but i dont write down why.. kinda funny.. hahha..anyway.. BAD memories are meant to be forgotten! =)

and oh! Facebook! hahha.. i uploaded pics and added friends.. anyone here reading i havent add one.. add me k? haha.. =p

going off..

Au Revoir