Posted: March 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

Its OVER!!! Exams over!!! for now… hahaha… i’ll be positive.. =)

Anyway.. i FINALLY packed my room! haha quite proud of myself.. i packed 2 bags of rubbish.. haha.. will post the pics on.. anyway.. while packing.. i found my last time diary and a lot of cards and letters.. time passes really quick man!! haha and i realised how childish i am last time.. HAHA! and i think i quite negative leh! cause my diary inside.. almost all my entries are about me sad.. but i dont write down why.. kinda funny.. hahha..anyway.. BAD memories are meant to be forgotten! =)

and oh! Facebook! hahha.. i uploaded pics and added friends.. anyone here reading i havent add one.. add me k? haha.. =p

going off..

Au Revoir


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