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Posted: April 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

Roar number 1:
ITS SUPER DUPER HOT NOW!!!! IM LIKE SWEATING BUCKETS!!!! pardon me for the caps.. but i dont think the caps is enough to show how hot i’m feeling… and i’m like finally cooling down in air con… i’m sooooo grateful to the one who invented the air con.. haha..

roar number 2:
i did a rather dumb thingy today… i borrowed a book i didnt wanna read now and read till i’m 3/4 through to realise that this is not the book i wanna read.. anyway.. i’m gonna finish it.. since this is MY blog.. i shall say its for me to understand and for whoever reading this to figure out.. hehe.. cause i’m too hot and lazy to explain…

roar number 3:
i shall go find ds games for my sis.. she accuse me of playing her games but not helping her download.. hahaha.. its not 100% true! hehe

au revoir

ps. now that i’m not studying french anymore.. i think i’m gonna miss it… =(