Its been a long while…

Posted: May 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hmm.. i realised my last post was in april.. haha.. i really pro man.. can forget about my blog.. haha.. aiya.. anyway no one reads.. =p

Anyway.. now i am in our space.. but somehow or other.. i keep saying its mine.. haha

The Boys over Flowers fad is going on again.. just cause korean version is out!! in Singapore.. i think our media right is getting the tapes fast.. haha.. last time need wait for so long then got new shows from other countries.. now quite fast.. but with the help of tudou.. i’m already at like episode 22/25.. haha.. cannot help it.. i’ll skip parts.. haha.. So .. as usual.. me this boy crazy girl gets all excited by 2 actors from the show.. yup.. sadly.. 2 only.. hahahaha.. very good already leh.. i at first say didnt want to watch.. then say wont get stuck to the actors cause they look a little… erm.. ugly.. =p.. but then.. so sadly.. i got HOOKED!!! but i almost always got hooked by Hanazawa Rui’s character.. cannot help it.. the character is too charming.. haha.. but i guess putting manga character aside.. the korean version one is the best looking one.. haha.. super SUPER sweet.. then he is 180cm tall!! THAT TALL!!! then in real person he knows how to dance and play instrument.. and he singS!!!!! omg!!! and he is like super charming.. then he like.. pretty boy.. then i like him!!! hahahah.. see! me going gaga over guys again.. haiz.. hahahha

* breath in, breath out…*

haha.. yup.. ohohoh! i wan watch angels and demons.. but then the guys hor.. not all can watch at the same day.. then ryst never reply.. so i dunno what to do.. don feel like thinking lehh… and its super noisy now…

in the process of hating sch…

and i dun feel like thinking…

and.. i guess thats all.. will work harder to complain on my blog… its better then complaining to friends.. cause i think they are as stressed up as me…

oh and for short term goal.. i wanna go learn nail art!!! cause its like super nice… and sadly, the fees is also very pretty.. haha.. but.. looking forward to it.. i wonder how long… mummy say she WILL let me learnn.. shall blog bout it if i learn.. haha.. then maybe can open another blog.. to publicize it.. haha

and hating I&E now… especially if i’m the leader.. haha




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