i’m dunno if its being noble or plain stupid…

Posted: July 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

yeah.. i just watched someone give her to-be-husband away to another girl. like GIVE and watched their wedding ceremony.. i dunno if she is noble or plain dumb… i know the other girl is dying la.. but.. giving ur to-be husband away? and if i’m on the receving end.. i’ll never accept… oh gosh.. i donno what other things is more terrible than seeing ur guy marrying another… i dont think anyone will “give” their husband away like this… i hope not..

gosh.. see i’m getting emotional and stuff.. haha.. lol..

gosh.. shall not say any more.. lazing around right now… later then do work.. and i’m so poning class on fri.. hahaha

ah.. dunno what to say le la!



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