prob with me?

Posted: July 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

YEAH!!!! InE is over!!!! and had this sickening interview today.. quite fun la.. cause finally we bonding.. like finish project.. then we bond… i think i really know how to act leh.. i had this smile on my face.. but actually.. i was controlling my outburst.. lol.. once out of class and alone, my face changed..

i seriously think there is something wrong with me.. haha.. like those kind of evil evil person.. then one time is smile smile nice nice, then sha ren bu zha yan.. haha


i am really a impatient person. but i just dont like the way my teacher/mentor catergorise us, label us, and put our personality out just like that. i dunno for the rest la.. but i dont like it.. its not like we know each other very well. its like assumptions dont bring u far la…

he said i am a impatient person, they said i am a good leader. they said i am willing to take everything on my shoulder and finish. am not people oriented but task oriented. i begin to doubt myself.. am i really like that? or do i really dont know myself?

its frustrating.. but i just know a fact, its that i dont trust people easily. and that stupid kuku didnt give me a chance to finish talking..

i think as long as i dont know a person well enough, i wont trust and rely and be dependent to trust them with something as simple as assignment. see in T04, i can gladly dont care and trust that the group will finish the project together…

haiz.. i like, dunno myself anymore.


ps. and i’m getting sadistic. my personality something i dont understand any longer. i might fear myself sooner or later


  1. SY says:

    Hahaha! In T04? You mean SSKY bah? LOL. BHB.

  2. yisiew says:

    ehh ehh.. i not that bad ok.. haha.. just slack a little only.. lol.. and i’m like that in other grps too!! haha =D

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