Posted: July 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

i’m sick! like sick sick! my headache yesterday was so terrible that i took panadol… gosh..

yesterday met up with the other 5.. its been sooooo long.. its kinda rare that everyone’s there.. =D i’m happy..

but i guess we all changed.. in the future.. we’ll change more.. like more more.. *sighs* and with changes.. there goes our topic.. lol.. but the guys are as lame.. or rather.. jude is as lame.. haha… er hao.. can fight.. and sadly.. kinda only i understands.. haha

i’m suppose to do work now.. but then.. damn.. ahhhh.. whatever.. 死律师老师 la… =(

eh… i am so stuck to The One now.. haha.. manhua for those who dunnoo.. =D its awesome!! like one of the best.. THE best.. =D aspiring me to be a model.. ahha.. in my dreams.. i wonder why.. the guys in fiction stories, be it movies, story book, manga, drama and lots more.. is sooo MY type of guy… sad sia… maybe i treat myself as the female character too much le.. gosh.. thats VERY bad… esp. in story books… lol.. watever.. hopefully MY type of guy will come true.. =D


  1. Cassie says:

    haha i understand the chinese phrase… hopefully everyone’s prince will come along soon=)

  2. yisiew says:

    yup =) hope amirah’s one comes first.. then followed by the rest of ours.. =D

  3. LEEKEAT says:

    hey girl!
    it has been ages huh!

    oh no,
    get well soon!

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