i’m not suppose to be emo-ing…

Posted: August 9, 2009 in Uncategorized


i’m feeling like shit now…

i think i suffering from burn out… no i think i’m already burnt…

i’m like hating the things around me.. more importantly.. i’m hating myself…

maybe its the stupid weather and the loads of stress… i’m turning violent.. and temper going bad… and my skin is heading for worse… i stupidly get irritated over the smallest things and super likes to emo and loves silence and solitary now…goshh… and theres stupid specom.. oh man!!!

somebody kill meeee!!!! i wanna escape this world… lets all go to stone age!!! ehhh.. nonono… let ME go back to stone age!!!

now my mind’s blank… i must really change la! always ranting on my blog.. i realized my posts are all emoish… other then when i go guy crazy or fan girling.. gosh.. hahaha…

i’m going crazy over pretty boys… =D

random: i havent had my cotton candy yet.. =(



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