Posted: August 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

ok.. i know i should be studying right now at this moment.. but.. damn.. i really hate exams.. oh well.. arghh…

i dunno why there are some ppl who cant be help.. haha.. i might be too naive to think that i can help… grrrr… i guess sometimes some ppl give up and thats all.. its no hope.. argh.. i dunno what i talking la…

maybe just too stressed and unhappy, and wish that the world will leave me alone.. where can i find a job that can let me just read books… haha.. i dun mind doing book reviews.. as long as i can read.. in peace.. =) i guess theres no such good thing la… gosh.. gotta go study.. gosh.. i hate studying

i hate mimicking ppl.. when can i find the real me?


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