This was supposed to be up like eons ago.. haha

Posted: September 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

yup.. i wanted to blog after exams.. then i lazy.. wanted to blog when i wanted to complain.. didnt feel like it.. and now i’m blogging when my stomach is growling.. haha.. gotta wait for my mom to eat together…

i realised.. its very often that i had lots of stuff to say at a moment.. but forget all of it later when i want to blog.. haha.. got lao ren chi dai zhen.. but oh well.. its good to think positive.. so its like bad thoughts.. throw it out.. and forget.. haha.. good~! =D

oh.. i wan to do my nailss… and i just realised how much i am into make up.. maybe i can start a v log.. haha

and i desperately need a job.. i’m like rotting at home.. haha.. i say that every holiday.. lol.. but i really need the extra $$ haah…

gosh.. going off to clean THE yoga mat.. haha..



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