I cant belief myself…

Posted: September 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

i’m like so disappointed with myself la!!! argh!! its like.. miss janice is kind enough to come fetch me to the airport.. but i didnt wake up!!!!!!! i’m so gonna keep my phone on when i sleep now. and i’m gonna get a new alarm clock…

my stupid phone alarm didnt ring… and dont say maybe i slept through it.. cause it really didnt go off..if it rang.. my hp will be on.. and the alarm signal will be off from the screen.. and when i on it.. it was still there… somemore i set 2 leh!!! 2!!!! 2 fricking alarms and both didnt go off.. arghh!!! and my body clock is 1 hr late.. cause i woke up an hour later.. to realise that my alarm clock didnt ring.. can u believe it!!! gosh… its not the first time!!! imagine if i’m working and the same thing happens? gosh!!!! ARGH!!!!

then i was so angry with myself i almost cried.. and my head hurts like i donno what.. gosh.. this like becomes a joke now la..


and R.. i dunno whats wrong with her… her sudden interest to talk to me via sms.. and she frinking sent me an sms at like 6.20am in the morn to say hello.. and another to ask me to not reply after 6.50 coz she will be in sch.. as though i would be awake.. *although i am* but she fricking sent me this kind of sms on the morn when i forgot to wake up at 4.00 AM FOR THE SEND OFF!!! so.. i’m not meeting today.. i so need to calm down…

gosh.. this post is full of rantings… for those who read till here.. and is bored.. sorry.. cause i’m gonna continue.. hehe

anyway.. i think i am like getting more and more impatient.. and losing my persona.. yeah.. i am so losing my persona.. and revealing my self.. and this is not good.. so not good… that why i cant do counselling.. cause.. i’ll suffer a burn out on the first day of work.. probably..

and i’m sick and tired of ppl saying how positive i am.. how i would laugh probs off and havent reach the time of my ultra stressed out period.. and blah blah blah.. maybe.. i just laugh too much in front of ppl.. give ppl advice that seems too positive.. but i’m totally not following them… gosh…

and once i stop laughing too much stop smiling.. i’m fierce and angry.. throwing tantrums… black face.. bu shuang.. attitude.. come on la.. i’m human.. i cant laugh all the time.. cause sometimes smiles and laughter cant bring u through…

random thought: why does every other part time job require minimum 2 mths commitment.. and the rest at some place so far from my house…

u know i got this ‘dream’ job kind.. haha.. something which will never come true.. haha. but i do like babysitting.. haha.. anybody needs a baby sitter? the kind betty does in archie comics.. or ermm.. hoow about someone who read new books and do reviews… maybe watch new movies and do reviews… i just want a work where i can do it alone.. without interacting with strangers.. see i’m a loner.. a complete introvert.. STOP calling me an extravert!!!

gosh. this post is suppper long.. but.. who cares.. this is MY blog.. hehe.. i feel like i’ve got a split personality.. but ahhh.. who cares…

ii also want a cafe in the forest.. =( when can i attain my dream and have something of my own?

au revoir!

  1. SY says:

    Haha! More like you got mild bipolar. Lol.

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