my new love

Posted: September 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

nope.. if u are thinking about a person.. haha.. my new love is a THING… yeah sad right.. anyway.. i realized how BB cream make my skin looks, white translucent and flawless.. and now u know the secret of korean actresses.. haha.. ok.. maybe not new for lots of ppl esp. makeup gurus.. but for those reading my blog.. i bet i makeup more then u do.. haha.. anyway.. i decided to try bb cream out.. and its amazing.. i’m just amazed.. although it cant coverup my to-serious-and-no-medicine-can-cure-de hei yan quan.. but.. i still like it.. =D

clubbing at butterfactory is fun.. haha.. first time i can ren crowds.. but i almost pulled out when i saw that massive crowd.. but.. oh well theres always a first hehe

and then i realised how little friends i have.. haha.. weird huh? jumping topic.. but can’t be help.. MY BLOG! =D and i so cant socialize… i know its time for me to learn.. i know how.. but i just dont want to.. thats why i better hope my job doesnt include handling strangers who loves to talk..

and i’m so sure i’m fear of talking on the phone no the phone ringing… and i cant find a scientific name for it.. i’m amazed i survived that one day of call operator… i think if i continued to work… i’ll either get sever heatstroke, dehydration or just die from overworked heart… cause my heart accelerates too much when the phone starts to ring..


i shiying.. i tell u i dont suffer from bipolar!! haha.. maybe… i… hope… not… =p


  1. janetdong says:

    message from peiqi:

    in terms of bipolar~~ i m sure you have it. lol hahahahaha!!!!~

  2. SY says:

    Haha! BB cream? sounds familiar. Lol. Should try it next time. Muahaha! Oh, haha, i also don’t like talking on phone. Can avoid jiu avoid. *hi-5* and you went clubbing! Feels like you’ve grown up. LOL.

  3. yisiew says:

    to pei qi: eh.. i should go for consultation haha… shit la.. this is serious.. even u say i got bi polar!!! =(

    to sy: i bring u go clubbing next time la. then u’ll feel grown up too! haha and the phone call thingy.. if u realised our “apple” days.. i never called organisation? haha

  4. SY says:

    Haha! True. And no lah, it’s when I hear people of my age go clubbing, then I’ll be like, eh? Imagine Kaiting, serwee go clubbing? I don’t like getting molested so nay, clubbing is not my cup of tea. Lol!

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