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will be leaving for cambodia today.. will most prob blog about it.. but not many read my blog.. and those who read.. are with me on the trip.. i think.. so.. haha.. =)



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i want to run away… away from this place…

i dont like to stay here…

wont someone bring me away?

to somewhere non-existent?


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Dunno why, decided to look through past stuff, and this made me think of so many past encounters, esp. in guides.

All the happy sad tears and sweat… its been a long journey and we went through it as a group and sadly only a few is left… i have the urge to set up a gathering.. i dunno why… its something i felt like doing.. it used to be a chore, planning gathering.. but now.. it seems so… necessary. to think about the past.. probably i learnt that there are some friendships and relationships that are meant to be kept…

And ofter, dont wait till u lose it to regret or say sorry… but grab hold of the now and thens.. because at times, when that moment is over, its over. No matter how u hope or wish, it wont come backk..

for those who are reading this… i’m absolutely fine..just thinking.. and piano and violin music make me feel emotional.. guess its all the past that came flooding back.. no worrys. these are not my last words.. i’ve still got plenty to say =)

on a side not… I’m going Cambodia! =)

see ya!


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having mood swings.. got plenty have finish.. super irritated.. ARGH!


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I’m supposed to be doing my essay.. but decided to do this hehe…

Can you name 17 people ( some girls and some boys )? Dont read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 17 people.

1. Kai Xin
2. Kai ting
3. Shi Ying
4. Ser Wee
5. Li Qin
6. Shen
7. Alvin
8. Jude
9. ErHao
10. Rystine Tan
11. Jess Lau
12. Madeline
15. Pearlyn
16Min Quan
17. Hui Fang

• How did you meet 4? Ser Wee
Erm.. poly? Year one sem 1 day 1 =D

• What would you do if you had never met 6? Shen
Then no one pei me try out formage and dragon boating….and no more koping various kinds of potatae from her =p

• What would you do if 3 and 4 dated? Shi Ying & serwee
EH?! It’ll be damn weird.. but if its their choice I will zu fu they all.. eh.. but ser wee have boyfriend leh…

• If you could marry either 2 or 7 who will it be? Kai ting&Alvin
Haha… eh.. I not les.. so … I guess it will be Alvin.. lol

• Have you ever seen 12 cry? Madeline

• Would 1 and 10 make a good couple? Kai Xin&Rystine Tan
NOOOo!!! Qing an will be so sad.. hahaha.. they don’t even know each other…

• Would number 5 and 9 make a good couple? Li Qin & ErHao
I don’t think so… even if theres no wei jun.. haha.. nope… cannot imagine

• Describe 17 Hui Fang
A girl who loves to stone and shares my passion for reading! =D

• Do you like 1? Kai Xin
Yeah… my going home mate.. hehe =p

• Tell me something about 13? Cassie
She loves to take notes and ask question in clas =p

• What’s 3’s favorite color? Shi Ying
Ehhh! I dunno leh.. Shi ying! Whats ur fave colour?

• What would you do if 9 just confessed He/She liked you? ErHao
ER.. I’ll say thank you? But I think its unlikely la…

• When was the last time you talked to number 15 ? Pearlyn

• How do you think 16 feels about you? Min Quan
Eh.. that I am a super loud person and the loadshark of the class.. hehe

• What language does 4 speak? Ser Wee
English, Chinese… ??

• What grade is 6 in? Shen
PCS T04 year 2 sem 2=D same as me…

• What is 5’s favorite music? Li Qin
Dance music? I dunno.. her mp3 got too many genre..

• Would you ever date 11? Jess Lau
Haha.. girls’ date yeah.. =D Jess.. quick come back Singapore!!!
• What is 10s last name? Rystine Tan
Erm.. Tan…

• Would you ever want to be in a serious relationship with 8? Jude
Hahahaha… if it was a few years ago… yeah..

• What do you think about 3? Shi Ying
Hrm.. good? She is pretty funny, good actor and a great friend! =D

•Whats the best thing about number 2? Kai ting
Eh.. everything! Other then her “don’t tell u!” =p

• What would you like to tell 4 and 15 right now? Ser Wee& Pearlyn
To both: Jia you ya!
(I’m no good expressing words la…)

• Does 12 look good with short hair? Madeline
I don’t think so…


Just ranting

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yup.. so if u dont feel like reading.. u can jolly well not and go away…

sorry the B***Hiness is coming up.. i’m in the mood swings period.. so ppl near me.. beware..

haiz.. i super hate myself in this period.. make me seriously feel like i’ve got bipolar.. haha.. gosh…

i just lost my train of thought..

anyway.. i dont understand why some ppl cant appreciate what others are doing for them.. i just dont understand why some ppl needs to pour cold water on ppl (direct translation)

its… disappointing.. and i’m like always the one cold and wet.. and its super frustrating..

and i dont understand why my dumb dumb kor kor needs to challenge anything and everything i say…

i just know that i am super super super antisocial now…

ahhhhhhhhh and i dunno what else to say.. so much for a ranting post…

i’m tired and i need to get down to doing work…

i’m at the time where i hope that i can escape to this isolated island in a super nice cottage with sufficient money to let me live… and meet my wolf… =)

i should stop reading nora roberts..


thats all



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yeah… ?

i totally have no idea what i am feeling now.. indescribable feelings.. its.. irritating.. possibly from the onset of assignments coming up.. i’m getting restless.. and unwilling to start work… haiz.. theres something within yearning for something.. something i have no idea of

it seems i just cant settle on something and be happy with it.. someone said something to me.. no maybe a lot of things.. made me think about life. But maybe i’m thinking too much.. bombarded with feelings i dont understand.. its frustrating…

so feeling like taking time of and go lock myself up in an isolated cabin of some sorts in a far away land high up in the mountains away from humanity.. or maybe its just simply, i’ve been reading and thinking too much…

am i so eager to find “ME” in the midst of the “MEs”? Maybe art and design set me into my fantasizing world.. then pulled me back to reality when i realised that i have to finish my journal and art piece and realised that i am so not artistic.. haha.. maybe, i only can work with the human body parts.. and not something dead… i cant stir feelings and life into something dead, but only can work with something that is already alive…

it really is irritating.. being pulled into the harsh reality just minutes after being in ur dreams…

and now i’m totally clueless what i shall do..

life’s hard…

life in Singapore is harder…

i need an out from this place and i wonder when the time gonna come… probably.. in my dreams…