Posted: November 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

yeah… ?

i totally have no idea what i am feeling now.. indescribable feelings.. its.. irritating.. possibly from the onset of assignments coming up.. i’m getting restless.. and unwilling to start work… haiz.. theres something within yearning for something.. something i have no idea of

it seems i just cant settle on something and be happy with it.. someone said something to me.. no maybe a lot of things.. made me think about life. But maybe i’m thinking too much.. bombarded with feelings i dont understand.. its frustrating…

so feeling like taking time of and go lock myself up in an isolated cabin of some sorts in a far away land high up in the mountains away from humanity.. or maybe its just simply, i’ve been reading and thinking too much…

am i so eager to find “ME” in the midst of the “MEs”? Maybe art and design set me into my fantasizing world.. then pulled me back to reality when i realised that i have to finish my journal and art piece and realised that i am so not artistic.. haha.. maybe, i only can work with the human body parts.. and not something dead… i cant stir feelings and life into something dead, but only can work with something that is already alive…

it really is irritating.. being pulled into the harsh reality just minutes after being in ur dreams…

and now i’m totally clueless what i shall do..

life’s hard…

life in Singapore is harder…

i need an out from this place and i wonder when the time gonna come… probably.. in my dreams…



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