Just ranting

Posted: November 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

yup.. so if u dont feel like reading.. u can jolly well not and go away…

sorry the B***Hiness is coming up.. i’m in the mood swings period.. so ppl near me.. beware..

haiz.. i super hate myself in this period.. make me seriously feel like i’ve got bipolar.. haha.. gosh…

i just lost my train of thought..

anyway.. i dont understand why some ppl cant appreciate what others are doing for them.. i just dont understand why some ppl needs to pour cold water on ppl (direct translation)

its… disappointing.. and i’m like always the one cold and wet.. and its super frustrating..

and i dont understand why my dumb dumb kor kor needs to challenge anything and everything i say…

i just know that i am super super super antisocial now…

ahhhhhhhhh and i dunno what else to say.. so much for a ranting post…

i’m tired and i need to get down to doing work…

i’m at the time where i hope that i can escape to this isolated island in a super nice cottage with sufficient money to let me live… and meet my wolf… =)

i should stop reading nora roberts..


thats all



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