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I’m supposed to be doing my essay.. but decided to do this hehe…

Can you name 17 people ( some girls and some boys )? Dont read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 17 people.

1. Kai Xin
2. Kai ting
3. Shi Ying
4. Ser Wee
5. Li Qin
6. Shen
7. Alvin
8. Jude
9. ErHao
10. Rystine Tan
11. Jess Lau
12. Madeline
15. Pearlyn
16Min Quan
17. Hui Fang

• How did you meet 4? Ser Wee
Erm.. poly? Year one sem 1 day 1 =D

• What would you do if you had never met 6? Shen
Then no one pei me try out formage and dragon boating….and no more koping various kinds of potatae from her =p

• What would you do if 3 and 4 dated? Shi Ying & serwee
EH?! It’ll be damn weird.. but if its their choice I will zu fu they all.. eh.. but ser wee have boyfriend leh…

• If you could marry either 2 or 7 who will it be? Kai ting&Alvin
Haha… eh.. I not les.. so … I guess it will be Alvin.. lol

• Have you ever seen 12 cry? Madeline

• Would 1 and 10 make a good couple? Kai Xin&Rystine Tan
NOOOo!!! Qing an will be so sad.. hahaha.. they don’t even know each other…

• Would number 5 and 9 make a good couple? Li Qin & ErHao
I don’t think so… even if theres no wei jun.. haha.. nope… cannot imagine

• Describe 17 Hui Fang
A girl who loves to stone and shares my passion for reading! =D

• Do you like 1? Kai Xin
Yeah… my going home mate.. hehe =p

• Tell me something about 13? Cassie
She loves to take notes and ask question in clas =p

• What’s 3’s favorite color? Shi Ying
Ehhh! I dunno leh.. Shi ying! Whats ur fave colour?

• What would you do if 9 just confessed He/She liked you? ErHao
ER.. I’ll say thank you? But I think its unlikely la…

• When was the last time you talked to number 15 ? Pearlyn

• How do you think 16 feels about you? Min Quan
Eh.. that I am a super loud person and the loadshark of the class.. hehe

• What language does 4 speak? Ser Wee
English, Chinese… ??

• What grade is 6 in? Shen
PCS T04 year 2 sem 2=D same as me…

• What is 5’s favorite music? Li Qin
Dance music? I dunno.. her mp3 got too many genre..

• Would you ever date 11? Jess Lau
Haha.. girls’ date yeah.. =D Jess.. quick come back Singapore!!!
• What is 10s last name? Rystine Tan
Erm.. Tan…

• Would you ever want to be in a serious relationship with 8? Jude
Hahahaha… if it was a few years ago… yeah..

• What do you think about 3? Shi Ying
Hrm.. good? She is pretty funny, good actor and a great friend! =D

•Whats the best thing about number 2? Kai ting
Eh.. everything! Other then her “don’t tell u!” =p

• What would you like to tell 4 and 15 right now? Ser Wee& Pearlyn
To both: Jia you ya!
(I’m no good expressing words la…)

• Does 12 look good with short hair? Madeline
I don’t think so…



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