Posted: November 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

Dunno why, decided to look through past stuff, and this made me think of so many past encounters, esp. in guides.

All the happy sad tears and sweat… its been a long journey and we went through it as a group and sadly only a few is left… i have the urge to set up a gathering.. i dunno why… its something i felt like doing.. it used to be a chore, planning gathering.. but now.. it seems so… necessary. to think about the past.. probably i learnt that there are some friendships and relationships that are meant to be kept…

And ofter, dont wait till u lose it to regret or say sorry… but grab hold of the now and thens.. because at times, when that moment is over, its over. No matter how u hope or wish, it wont come backk..

for those who are reading this… i’m absolutely fine..just thinking.. and piano and violin music make me feel emotional.. guess its all the past that came flooding back.. no worrys. these are not my last words.. i’ve still got plenty to say =)

on a side not… I’m going Cambodia! =)

see ya!


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