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New Year’s Eve

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

Decided to blog the last post of 2009 =D

This year, like many previous years passed by rather monotonously. Can’t be help. Its a student’s life.. =p

But my blog seems to be filled with a lot a lot of emo post this year. Probably its the weight of everything crashing down. I’m 1 year older and responsible for myself. Donno to love or hate that.

Had my first taste of clubbing and saw, felt and heard many new things.. not forgetting the learning journey.

Can say that i’m enlightened by some stuff and learnt something. Hopefully it will be with me for long…

Shall look forward to a better world ahead, and rise up to the challenges of assignments and attachment. And my new year resolution? haha.. to post more happy post (I’ll try hard.. seriously), to not take things for granted and most importantly save $1 a day! so that i can get my saxophone… but then i need to worry about where to get the money for lessons.. and … a lot.. oh whatever… =p

All right.. to all reading this.. Happy New Year!!! =D



Posted: December 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

i cant think of a title for this post.. i’m just like suppper sianz now.. restless like super. like no body’s business… i don wan school to start.. i hope time freezes…

i wonder how long this low low low period will last.. let hope for the best… when i’m up to it.. shall post cheerful post.. hopefully.. soon…

now i’m not making sense le.. just tired.. plain tired.. shall go sleep… how i wish i can just sleep and not wake up… just like that…



Posted: December 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

another sianz post… cannot help it…

oh.. first thing first.. shall blog something happy…
My sis and bro bought me Jam Hsiao CD!!!! I SOOOOOO HAAPPPPPYYY!!!! SUPPEERRR!!!! =D

hahaha.. =D havent save into my mp3 yet

and i am feeling very bored now.. super sianz.. don feel like doing work at all.. =( sch don start!!! =(

Christmas Wish

Posted: December 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

ok.. i know theres no santa.. but i still wanna make a christmas wish… lol…


why are saxophone on ebay so cheap.. and yamaha.. so ex..

haiz.. i haven started on my essay yet… =(

i’m trying! i’m trying!

Posted: December 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

i’m trying.. very very very hard to not be emo.. hehe.. =p

before i set off to do my essay and study for law.. which most prob will make me even more emo.. i shall post.. something…

random: i feel like poo poo-ing
random: i wanna learn play the sax!!! i love jazz music~!

hehe.. anyway.. had flash today.. kinda fun =p

i guess i have to start thinking positive and give myself thinking time… where i do nothing stone and think.. really really a personal time.. =p shall try that out…

meeting with them tmr at minds cafe… since those reading dunno who they are so i no need say la.. haha.. sidetrack a bit.. i think the number of ppl reading my blog should be very little right… should be that few.. hehe.. or else no one leave any message…

anyway.. ya.. shall figure out how to get to minds cafe.. at safra tampines.

oh! li ru said that i like become prettier!!! =p lol.. i super happy!! =p

and i shall not try to prepare instant pasta anymore.. coz.. they dont taste nice.. shall stick to my instant soups…

and and.. hmmmm… i really dunno what to say anymore…

guess everyone is very much impacted by their trip to cambodia.. cause everyone is blogging bout it… but me.. of course i’m affected and all.. but i shall not blog about it.. later say i emo again =p.. anyway readers all went cambodia right? so no need update.. hehe… everyone knew what went on..

hehe.. shall go poo poo now.. the instant pasta thingy.. really disgusting.. lol.. or maybe i not feeling well.. taste buds went haywire.. lol… and hor.. i realised a lot of ppl around me getting attached or are attached.. hehe.. oh oh oh! and cheryl lee in my flash class!!! hehe.. super long never see her.. never thought that i will ever be in the same class with my last time secondary sch friends.. lucky not galvin… forever call me siew siew.. *shudders*

lots and lots of stuff coming up.. shall prepare myself for war!!! =p

byebye now~!

Posted: December 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

That’s it… I’m giving up… Its no use anymore, getting through all these emotions… its irritating and… no more cheerful.. no more, laughter.. no more…

no more…