i’m trying! i’m trying!

Posted: December 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

i’m trying.. very very very hard to not be emo.. hehe.. =p

before i set off to do my essay and study for law.. which most prob will make me even more emo.. i shall post.. something…

random: i feel like poo poo-ing
random: i wanna learn play the sax!!! i love jazz music~!

hehe.. anyway.. had flash today.. kinda fun =p

i guess i have to start thinking positive and give myself thinking time… where i do nothing stone and think.. really really a personal time.. =p shall try that out…

meeting with them tmr at minds cafe… since those reading dunno who they are so i no need say la.. haha.. sidetrack a bit.. i think the number of ppl reading my blog should be very little right… should be that few.. hehe.. or else no one leave any message…

anyway.. ya.. shall figure out how to get to minds cafe.. at safra tampines.

oh! li ru said that i like become prettier!!! =p lol.. i super happy!! =p

and i shall not try to prepare instant pasta anymore.. coz.. they dont taste nice.. shall stick to my instant soups…

and and.. hmmmm… i really dunno what to say anymore…

guess everyone is very much impacted by their trip to cambodia.. cause everyone is blogging bout it… but me.. of course i’m affected and all.. but i shall not blog about it.. later say i emo again =p.. anyway readers all went cambodia right? so no need update.. hehe… everyone knew what went on..

hehe.. shall go poo poo now.. the instant pasta thingy.. really disgusting.. lol.. or maybe i not feeling well.. taste buds went haywire.. lol… and hor.. i realised a lot of ppl around me getting attached or are attached.. hehe.. oh oh oh! and cheryl lee in my flash class!!! hehe.. super long never see her.. never thought that i will ever be in the same class with my last time secondary sch friends.. lucky not galvin… forever call me siew siew.. *shudders*

lots and lots of stuff coming up.. shall prepare myself for war!!! =p

byebye now~!

  1. SY says:

    I don’t think I’m really impacted by the cambodia trip. Lol. Blogging because want to blog only. Haha!

  2. GUESS WHO! says:

    “i realised a lot of ppl around me getting attached or are attached..”

    i’m reading! :DDD check out my name.

    CLASSMATE (you know who i am now!)

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