New Year’s Eve

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

Decided to blog the last post of 2009 =D

This year, like many previous years passed by rather monotonously. Can’t be help. Its a student’s life.. =p

But my blog seems to be filled with a lot a lot of emo post this year. Probably its the weight of everything crashing down. I’m 1 year older and responsible for myself. Donno to love or hate that.

Had my first taste of clubbing and saw, felt and heard many new things.. not forgetting the learning journey.

Can say that i’m enlightened by some stuff and learnt something. Hopefully it will be with me for long…

Shall look forward to a better world ahead, and rise up to the challenges of assignments and attachment. And my new year resolution? haha.. to post more happy post (I’ll try hard.. seriously), to not take things for granted and most importantly save $1 a day! so that i can get my saxophone… but then i need to worry about where to get the money for lessons.. and … a lot.. oh whatever… =p

All right.. to all reading this.. Happy New Year!!! =D



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