cheerful… is it wrong?

Posted: January 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

i know i shouldnt be thinking this way. But it seems that everyone thinks that my “cheerfulness” is unlimited… and its just me.. i guess these ppl don know me well…

i dont understand why we cant be serious and cheerful at the same time. Does it mean that a person dont laugh, dont smile, dont joke.. is serious?

or a person who smile and laugh and joke at the right time is no serious?

i dont understand…

shouldnt we live life happily since life is already so short and difficult?

i dont understand why people form impression of others without knowing them first and assume stuff.. its making an ass out of you and me

i seriously dont understand why i am in this kind of mood… or why am i like that

in the dilemma of my life… totally have no idea how to go forward. What do i really want? what do i hope for? what will happen to my future?

i’m asked to not think so much about it… but once i stop thinking, i become so unsure…

so what shall i do?

i dunno anymore…


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