Posted: January 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

i guess quite a few of us were affected by what mr. tan had said… i dunno bout others.. but i am..

i guess what he said is right, we should take what we have and make the most out of it.. and not lament on what we dont have and waste whatever opportunity we have…

sometimes thing are not meant to be yours, it not ment to be… but when its meant to be, it yours…

i guess i just have to think on a lighter note… and look at the bright side of life… maybe the sch will let me rent a hostel… then i can stay near sch.. and forget about travelling to and fro home to sch.. lol..

i am so stuck on soap notes… i think glen would be super happy.. cause i hate counseling!!! he got his goal!!! lol

maybe i too should slow down and take a loot around me, of my life. Why am i doing this? i always question myself but i cant seem to find the right reasons… how can i convince people when i cannot convince myself?

how can i stay positive when i am not happy myself?

how can others believe in me when i cannot believe myself?

i guess i should take thing in stride… take things as it goes… i’m no longer a kid, and is responsible for my own actions… what crap…

i so need a BIG break…

maybe flying around is not so bad.. but i need to rid my fears of humans first…

oh whatever.. its 12:56… i need to do work…

and there goes the sianz…

but at least i have the joy of ponning class today.. lol


freaking out… i dont like interview and what kind of interview need you to do a presentation when i dunno what to present about? shall ignore that stupid mail first… why did i open it??? why why why???



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