Posted: February 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

so.. is family always evolving… relationship revolves around members.. but what if conflict happens? i’m not making sense… why is it always someone from the outside affecting a family’s relationship.. and there would be sides to take… i kinda dislike that..

new year is a time for reunion.. but if unhappiness still exist within the family, how can we all communicate effectively..

no wait.. how can we communicate effectively if no one is putting in the effort to try to sort things out. Would pure understanding count? will it work? is that understanding then? or is it acceptance without a choice. why do we have to take sides? Why is communication so complicated..

i really wanna go back to the past… where none of these things exists… wouldnt it be good to return to simplicity where small little things like ice cream can be happiness. Where just sitting down together for dinner is warm and happy. I kinda feel the lack of it now… its never like before… now reunion dinner is the only one i’m looking forward to… hopefully i wont be disappointed… hopefully…

on a lighter note.. I FINISHED INTERVIEW!!! it went great! and i’m very happy. at least i did the right thing by “shocking” the lecturers.. see i can be serious too!!! =D



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