left out…

Posted: February 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

i kinda feel left out.. its irritating… got the feeling of being so alone, even if there are a lot of people around me… it seems that the more the people, the more lonely i get… i think i just crave attention… is that a good thing?

i rather be alone… like very alone… it would be better wont it? to not have an excuse to feel lonely because i will never be lonely… i guess thats why my wish to go other countries, away from family…thats why my choice of apartment… i think the smaller it is.. the less lonely i’ll feel…

its foolish.. but i really rather be alone.. i would rather disappear from the faces of earth.. wont everything be better then? since i dont think anyone would miss me.. at most… for a while.. and i’ll be forgotten again.. and everything back to normal…


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