Posted: March 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

shall do a quick post…

work been fine lately.. getting used to it.. but still its tiring… the travelling back and forth and all.. but oh well.. i chose it.. and i should get used to it…

i wonder why sometimes things changes really fast.. ppl change really fast and then thats the seperation… maybe its me and my personality to want to be with everyone and know everything.. i do know that is not possible… and i should stop talking behind ppl’s back… i maybe have some apologising to do…

i really dont trust easy.. and once my trust is broken.. thats it… we will just be hi bye friends… i dunno if whoever it is reads this.. but i’m just voicing out…

i think i still need sometime to get used to stuff.. hopfully things dont turn bad or whatsoever… hopefully i regain my happy self… which is highly impossible.. oh gosh!

time passes quick… but will memories fade as quickly?



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