Posted: March 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

i think i’m starting to come onto blogging too much about how tired i am.. gosh.. what going on with me.. complaining like no body’s business..

i just dont understand why cant human beings be simpler… cant everyone’s goal be towards simple happiness? instead of what to do to make others not happy and themselves gain.. just a thought…

its getting irritating.. i’m irritated of myself.. dunno why… anyway.. no one reads this blog anymore.. i think so no one is gonna care bout what i blog about…. =p hopefully…

i’m just… *shrugs* its kinda good finally someone says i’m not complete extrovert… lol… cause i dont think i am.. and am i too fierce? too bad.. dont smile my face is so black one… =p

and i really suck at minutes.. lol.. now shen gotta help me edit.. and i wonder if i missed out anything or not…

i’m bored… tired… sianz… i wanna backpack travel.. i wanna disappear from the faces of earth… its no good that every other day this thought is going through my mind…

maybe life is really that meaningless afterall.. everyone fight to survive and survive to fight… no one truly cares about another anymore…



  1. SY says:

    Hahaha! What? You think I’m not reading? =D Hmmmm… vacation sounds tempting. Aiyo, as long as we’re in singapore, don’t think simple happiness is the goal.

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