stress ah!

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

HAHA.. yes.. i decided that if ever i feel too stress.. i should blog about it.. anyway.. not many reading my rants… and maybe its too boring to read.. hahahaha…

always thought dark workshop would be a good place to do work because in a way its like big and not too enclosed.. and maybe less stressful.. but.. no lor…

i think its very scary… like… so stressful… haiz.. dont like the stressness… why the hell do we have to do fyp and internship together??? siannzzzzzzzz


i’m healing.. very much healing.. getting well and all…. the wound is not very big la.. just a tiny one.. closing le.. at least i didnt cry over this wound.. hahaha…

oh well…


*shakes head*

its inhumane!


  1. liqin says:

    yisiew yisiew =] hello!

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