Posted: May 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

tired.. exhausted.. mentally…. physically.. i guess i’m almost there to the peak already… waking up at 5 plus every morn is not helping at all… plus all the bombs i get personally… due to my childish… crazy… irritating self.. haiz… adds up a lot to me moodiness… and shi ying have to take the crap of mine every now and then… =p

sometimes things are not how i want them to be… sometimes.. its irritating that i feel bad that things dont go the way i want them to go… even if i know that its very childish..

i dont wan to be blamed anymore… so i’m staying away… far far away…

  1. SY says:

    No crap. =D *hugs you and stuff your face under my armpit* I got bathe de hor!

    You’re overworking le lah. =/ Ask Amirah to help out when janell’s not around?!

  2. yisiew says:

    but weather now so hot.. sure smelly one can??? hahahahhahaha..

    dont wan la.. when she stress she even more scary… hahahahaha =p

  3. pcst04 says:

    yucks armpit

  4. pcst04 says:

    o i am cassie here.. happened to have just logged in as pcs t04-.-

  5. yisiew says:

    lol!!! hahaha.. cassie finally commented on my blog.. hahahhaha =p

  6. liqin says:

    yisiew jiayou!! we’ll be here with you! =]

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