ignore this… i’m in the mood again…

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

I seriously think that working in DID is no good now…

cause 黑暗就在身边。我无时无刻都能抛入黑暗里躲,消失在那人群中。

i guess after getting used of darkness… i would start to make use of it. Now gotta prevent myself entering the darkness… entering the depressive state… which happens rather frequently…

i think i always always feel tired after an outburst… no matter how small the thing is, but it makes me… tired.. exhausted.. for nothing.. cant help myself…

i need to get out of this mood and do work.. but no matter how… i still have no motivation… sick and tired of me saying that i have no motivation… cant i get down to do work? cant i?

sometimes really hope that a car can just bang me and i’ll die.. just like that… life is already too long sometimes… why make it tedious by making life hard? whats the point of living sometimes?

i dont get it… dont get myself anymore.. wish to disappear… forever… just like that… leaving everything behind just like that…

sickening selfish me…

wish i would disappear

just like that…

  1. Passerby says:

    “Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” – Helen Keller

    Find and live strong for that purpose k 🙂 You will see light at the end of the dark tunnel. Jiayou! GOGO! 😀

  2. yisiew says:

    thanks passer by! =D i shall just stop finding out ur identity… but thanks a lot for your encouragement whoever u are =D

  3. Passerby says:

    haha no prob! And yes dont worry im not some si bian tai or secret admirer la lol 😀 I’m someone you know and you are someone I know but it doesnt matter 🙂 Just be yourself!

    Find back your motivation soon (I need to find mine too :/ hahaha)

  4. yisiew says:

    i KNOW! u are mr. glen!!! shi ying also think so… hahahaha =p if we guess correctly must say hor… u are the same person who tagged at shi ying’s blog right?

  5. npmagic says:

    OMG why of all people, himmm!!! IM NOTTTT LA YOU ALL ANYHOW! HAHAHA. I thought you say you wna stop finding out my identity le! :/ LOLLL

    • yisiew says:

      well… cause u look like his brother what.. not shoot? =p u signed in and commented using npmagic account la~!

  6. Passerby says:

    hahaha yes i know. I confessed to shi ying ytd le lol :/ I really felt like slapping myself after I realise I commented as npmagic and I cannot delete away. LOL SHOOT LA SHOOT LA YISIEW JIE :/ haha.

  7. yisiew says:

    hahaha… yeah.. i know she told me this morning…naughty girl!!! next time dont call me yisiew jie already! =p hahahaha

    but thanks a lot for your encouragement!!! =D

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