give up…

Posted: July 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

ya.. i think i gave up talking to my mom already… kinda tired when whenever u talk, u get ignored… i tried it out today again.. her attention just wont be on me when we talk outside… i was talking to her.. but her line of vision was somewhere else… then i tried.. i just stopped talking… u know u will always get the ” i’m listening, carry on” response when u suddenly stop in the middle of your sentence? ya.. i totally didnt have that today… i stopped and i dont even think my mom realised… i wonder why she can listen to others but never listen to me…

i’ll just give up… shall not treat it as a big deal anymore… simpler this way isnt it? easier for me isnt it? just treat it that my mom can never focus on 1 thing only at one go… even if talking to her.. she will be focusing on my face then the conversation.. cutting in with something entirely out of topic… i’m tired of that already… forget it.. i’ll just accept the fact…


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