super not productive sunday

Posted: July 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

wanted to blog.. but dropped by sy’s blog… and saw that she had a productive sunday.. but me? haiz.. dont talk about it.. did A LOT of things but none of them gotta do with work.. totally sianz… haha..

just had a though.. mummy was saying in the afternoon that she scared i jia bu chu qu.. haha.. then my bro say how can that be…

the me who thought of nothing but marrying my dream prince.. stay in castle like house, have someone to drive me around in pretty cars.. and have a lot of money no need work and everything


the me now who thinks that not marrying is no big deal… i can earn my own money to do all the above… and planning my future career.. trying to live my dream…

how on earth did i change so much?


oh well…

cant help it…

i realised that i may look as if my self esteem is super high… but in actual fact… its so low that i’m surprised too! hahaha…

but i really think no one would want me… whats wrong with being alone?

hopefully dont become an old hag who is super irritating.. because i lack the nourishment of love… hahahahhahahaha…

only can xian mu ppl nia… the “he” in my life is just not here yet… oh well.. slowly wait ba… =p


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